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We provide Premium Quality personal barber kits to our loyal consumers who want to avoid contagious diseases, spreading through haircuts such as Hepatitis and HIV-Aids. Our Kits include high quality scissors, razors, neck dusters, hair brushes, aprons, swabs and anything you would require to get your perfect and safest haircut!

Our Story

2 Years Ago, sitting at my hair salon, for a haircut, I observed that a young boy came into the salon with a bag in his hand. His barber opened the bag before giving the boy a haircut, it had tools like scissor, razor, apron and etc. The barber used those tools to give the boy a haircut, I felt quite curious and questioned my barber as soon as the boy left; A lot of people are caring for their hygiene and prefer their own tools said the barber, sarcastically!. A short chuckle followed his answer adding up to his quote, now please you don’t become doubtful as we clean up our tools on a daily basis.

Since that incident hovered in my thoughts, I came across some reports from WHO (World Health Organization) that showed how HIV-Aids and Hepatitis are spreading swiftly in Pakistan. The facts were quite shocking; 12 Million people suffering from Hepatitis B or C with 150,000 New Cases every year. Approximately 180,000 people were diagnosed with HIV Aids, as per UNAIDS. Fears of discrimination and certain social taboos restrict them to divulge their disease in front of society.

I was intrigued by these reports, so I decided to further research on its causes and the rapid spread. I came across the fact, that the main cause of these diseases is the use of unsafe/non-sterilized tools at our Barber Shops. The incident I experienced earlier sprang inside my mind, and I understood the scene really well.

Since it has always been my belief, that prevention is far better than the cure, so the hunt for the perfect tools begun. To assure my safety, I looked for the flawless set of tools and failed to find them on websites. However my barber found me the set of tools I was looking for, but they were not on the level of satisfaction I strived.

I was looking for the perfect blend of barber tools, so I realized a sense of awareness needed to be spread. Presumably, the idea of assembling a top-class Personal Barber Kit had to be done by me. After keen observation and untiring efforts, our team assembled a perfect set of tools namely the 'Personal Barber Kit'. Each tool was handpicked to ensure the quality of products.

Use a Personal Barber Kit to ensure your safety, urge your family and friends as well. This will certainly help ensure their safety and will boost our initiative to make Pakistan Hepatitis and Aids Free.

Have a safe haircut next time with The Royal Trim.

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