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Almost 2 years ago, I went to my salon for a haircut and I saw a boy came in there with a bag in his hand. He handed over that bag to another barber and sit on the salon chair. His barber opened that bag and take out tools like scissor, razor, apron, etc., and finish up his work. When that boy left, I asked my barber why that boy brought his own tools? He replied that some people prefer their own tools. I suddenly questioned, why? He said because of hygiene and also Doctor’s said that our tools are spreading germs. Then with a laugh he said, now please you don’t become doubtful as we clean up our tools on daily basis.

After few weeks of above incident, I came across some WHO (World Health Organization) reports that HIV-Aids and Hepatitis are quickly spreading in Pakistan. Some facts in those reports were shocking like almost 12 Million people here are suffering from Hepatitis B or C. Each year brings about 150,000 new cases. As per UNAIDS, in 2018 we have 180,000 patients were living with HIV-Aids and due to social taboos and fears of discrimination people hardly disclose this disease.

After reading some other reports and research articles, I came to know why such deadly diseases are spreading so rapidly in our society. Apart from other reasons there is one common reason which all of us ignored because of our ignorance and that is the use of unsafe/non-sterilized tools at our Barber Shops. After reading this point, I recalled that incident happened on that day in my Salon. Now I have realized why that boy brought his own tools.

Since I am the one who believes in Prevention is better than Cure and Cleanliness is half of our Faith, therefore I have decided to purchase my own tools. In fact, I was looking for a perfect combination of barber tools which includes each and every item used during a haircut.

I have tried some online sites but no one is selling a good complete package then I asked my barber who get me some tools but I was not satisfied with their quality at all. Then I have realized that I should take this initiative of spreading awareness among the people about this unseen danger and at the same time I should assemble and offer them a top-class Personal Barber Kit.

After a tireless effort and the research of several months, our team has assembled a perfect Personal Barber Kit. We handpicked each and every tool of this Kit to ensure its ultimate quality and stylish look as well.

Please always use a Personal Barber Kit and urge your Friends n Family to adopt this healthy practice as early as possible. This will certainly ensure their safety and also give a boost to our initiative in the making of Hepatitis and Aids Free Pakistan.

Malik Imran Akhtar